Shaolin kung fu

Is from China and a 1500 years old style

A Buddhist Saint, Bodhidarma, Tamo in Chinese, Daruma in Japanese and his disciples traveled from India to China 1500 years ago and stayed at Shaolin Monastery, Honan Province, North China. Shaolin Monastery became famous not only the St. Bodhidarma and his Zen Buddhism (he is the founder of ZEN, Chen in Chinese), but also as a school of Martial Arts or The famous fighting monks.

Shaolin Kung Fu is not the only Kung Fu in China, but is absolutely an elite style, and this Shaolin Monastery is the only one temple in China where monks train Kung Fu.

Some legends say

there were/are another Shaolin Temple (so-called The South Shaolin), but these legends are not true, because there was/is no other temple in China named Shaolin, except the original one in Honan Province.

But many believe that there had been several Shaolin Kung Fu schools and organizations in South China, because many famous Southern Shaolin Kung Fu schools such as Hong Gar and Wing Chun Kung Fu exist.

About Spelling in Western letter (abcd...z)

:::: there are many way of spelling in Chinese characters to Western alphabets, and these can cause sometimes problems for non Japanese and Chinese readers.

Shaolin in Chinese means : Shao = young, not little. Lin = forest or bush, but not a large forest. Shaolin Temple = A temple in the young forest.

Southern Chinese pronunciation: Si Lum.

Japanese pronunciation: Shorin

In West, people have so many ways of spelling in Ju Jutsu for example: Jiu Jitsu, Jujitsu, Jiu-jitsu and so on.,but in Japan we have only one. Sometimes people think Shaolin and Si Lum are two different schools.

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Little about


Many Martial Arts books written in English explain about him as a Buddhist monk. Yes it is OK, if you call Jesus as Jewish monk, Pope in Vatican as Christian monk, too. I myself am a Buddhist priest and in our temple in Japan, we have several monks working and studying under us.

In Japan we call him Daruma Daishi (Great master/teacher and translated in English as Saint), so as you are a Martial artist or Zen follower, please pay a respect to him. He is not just a monk but a Saint, sacred one.

Techniques of Nord Shaolin Kung Fu

is based on the theory of 45 degree combined with the centripetal force and Keiraku (meridian energy system used for example in acupuncture treatment). These techniques are scientifically proved.

Nord Shaolin Kung Fu is well recognized as effective , fast and elegant movements.

Shaolin techniques:

Go-ho: Tsuki (punch), Keri (kick), Uke (blocking)

Ju-ho: Taisabaki(body movements), Nage (throw), Nuki (elude), Gyaku (twist, pinning, press vital points), Kote (wrist) and Ukemi (breakfall).

Kappo: Medical treatments techniques f.expl.. Acupuncture, Healing, Shiatsu. Seitai.

You have to be in good mental balance in order to use these techniques maximum. Zen meditation is used to supply the necessary link between body and mind. Technique of meditation is based on breathing and Kung Fu training, which make you realize your state of mind and body. When these two factors are optimal, you will get the maximum oxygen exchanging, which is absolute factor in fighting situation.

Nord Shaolin Kung Fu was founded

in 1972, by Professor Yamaue 10. Dan, who had practiced different kinds of Martial arts such as several style of North Shaolin Kung Fu, Shorinji-Kempo, Aiki Jutsu, Ju Jutsu, Karate, Judo and many kind of Budo-weapons for 48 years in Japan, China and Scandinavia. Nord Shaolin Kung Fu is very much related to Shorinj Kempo (a Japanese style of Shaolin Kung Fu founded by Soke Doshin So in 1946). Nord Shaolin Kung Fu is an officially recognized and registered style. And Prof. Yamaue is the first Soke (system founder). Prof. Yamaue teaches in most countries in Europe and North/South America. He is a professor in Martial Arts and Strategy and is a chief professor for IBU (International Bujutsu University).